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Laser dentistry


Diode laser is one of the most exciting tools available to laser dentistry practices. This revolutionary technology allows Dentists and Dental Hygienists to treat patients with great precision, meaning less pain and quicker healing. Diode lasers can be used in several cosmetic dentistry procedures, including:

  • LASER BACTERIA REDUCTION:   We would like to introduce this treatment to all of our patients together with regular hygiene appointments, many studies and researches have proven that laser bacteria reduction will decrease bacteria in the pockets from billions to hundreds, 5 min before and after the hygiene appointment, will maintain the pockets with a bacteria reduction until next hygiene appointment. This procedure is painless,  timeless and is highly recommended  because of the great ability to destroy bacteria causing periodontal disease , also destroy bacterimia that have been associated with heart disease, low birth babies, arthritis, diabetes and many more. If you would like to be treated with laser bacteria reduction in your future appointments please let our office manager know and she will add it to your future hygiene appointments.

  • LASER ASSISTED PERIODONTAL THERAPHY (LAPT):  After the initial assessment of the patient periodontal status, a number of appointments is determined depending on patient periodontal health.  This treatment is combined with regular scaling. LAPT is the only treatment that has great possibilities is gaining back attachment loss.  Treatment is painless time is selective depending on patient periodontal status. After the completion of all appointments we will monitor the patient after 3 month and do the probing to check if attachment is gained back.

Majority of cases have recover attachment loss. The patient have to be aware during treatment he/she needs to commit to the appointments and maintain good oral health.

  • ROOT DESENZITATION:  Procedure is done at the office with the diode laser, painless and timeless. Patient will know at the end of appointment if sensitivity has been resolved. It is the most accountable procedure to treat sensitivity having great possibilities that sensitivity will not comeback.

  • HERPETIC AND APHTOUS ULCER TREATMENT: Procedure is done at the office, painless and timeless. Preferable time to begin treatment is when patient feels the first signs and symptoms (burning, itchiness, pain) if patient passed the initial phase without treatment, we still proceed with laser treatment, even if the disease has fully manifested. If the treatment was done at the initial phase the vesicles will not manifest and signs and symptoms   disappear right after the treatment is completed. If the disease has been manifested Diode laser will stop the process of the disease; will kill the bacteria, will cauterize, and biostimulated and disease should resolve in 3 to 5 days.

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